Political Equality in Mass Democracy

International Conference in Political Theory

July 3-4, 2018

Lyon (France)

Organized by Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University and Duke University,  funded by the Research Program “Challenges to Mass Democracy” (Jefferson Fund, FACE),  with the support of the Ecole doctorale de philosophie (ED 487) and the Groupe de recherche en philosophie du droit de Lyon (DroitPhiL, Lyon 3).


Attendance is free but space is limited. Please register (charles.girard@univ-lyon3.fr)

July 3rd

Political Equality in the History of Political Thought

9:00: opening

9:30-10:30: Céline Spector (Université Paris Sorbonne): ‘Building Chalcedon with the Byzantium Shore Before His Eyes’: Oceana from Harrington to Montesquieu. [Discussant: Geneviève Rousseliere]

10:30-11:30: Christopher Hamel (Université de Rouen): Diderot Against Physiocracy. A Republican Critique? [Discussant: Michael Gillespie]

11:30-12:00: break

12:00-13:00: Annelien de Dijn (Universiteit van Amsterdam): Democratic Republicanism in the Early Modern Period [Discussant: Christopher Hamel]

13:00-14:30: lunch

14:30-15:30: Alexander Kirshner (Duke University): A Democracy Without Opposition: Sieyès, Condorcet and the First French Republic [Discussant: Juliette Roussin]

15:30-16:30: Geneviève Rousselière (Duke University): Finding the Sources of Solidarity: Durlheim’s Social Republicanism [Discussant: Céline Spector]

Studying Political Equality: Problems & Methods

17:00-18:30: Roundtable moderated by Stéphane Madelrieux (Université Lyon 3)

Isabelle Delpla (Université Lyon 3), Michael Gillespie (Duke University), Jack Knight (Duke University); Bernard Manin (EHESS/New York University)


July 4th

Political Equality in Contemporary Political Theory

9:00-10:00: Melissa Schwartzberg (New York University) and Jack Knight (Duke University): The Moral Limits of Bargaining [Discussant: Alexander Kirshner]

10:00-11:00: Charles Girard (Université Lyon 3): The Value of Democratic Deliberation. Political Judgment and Epistemic Fairness [Discussant: Jack Knight]

11:00-11:30: break

11:30-12:30: Thomas Christiano (The University of Arizona): The Basis of Political Equality [Discussant: Charles Girard]

12:30-13:30: Juliette Roussin (Collège de France): Does Democratic Equality Require Epistemic Equality? [Discussant: Melissa Schwartzberg]

New Approaches to Political Equality (Graduate workshop)

15:00-15:35: Chris Kennedy (Duke University):  Rousseau and the Problem with Books [Discussant: Blondine Desbiolles]

15:35-16:10: Blondine Desbiolles (Université Lyon 3):  Masses and Elites: The Consumption of Political Agency [Discussant: Isak Tranvik]


16:20-16:55: Isak Tranvik (Duke University):  A Free Lunch? Democratic Theory and Central Bank Independence [Discussant: Corentin Lelong]

16:55-17:30: Corentin Lelong (Université Lyon 3): Queering the Social Contract [Discussant: Chris Kennedy]



Charles Girard, Université  Lyon 3 (charles.girard@univ-lyon3.fr)

Alexander Kirshner, Duke University (alexander.kirshner@duke.edu)

Geneviève Rousselière, Duke University (genevieve.rousseliere@duke.edu)

Juliette Roussin, Collège de France (juliette.roussin@college-de-france.fr)